The People Behind Tool Driven

We engineer, custom-manufacture, and sell handcrafted tools made from advanced materials to solve problems that shouldn't be ignored.
David Steidtmann, Founder & Chief Inventor
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David Steidtmann started Tool Driven in 2015 with the fundamental idea that science, modern materials and the willingness to think unconventionally can solve some of the basic problems found in tools today.

Dave’s first foray into the tool business was doing some consulting work with Powerstrike, a company founded by Gary Pimental, one of the early innovators on stressed-skin handle designs for Stiletto. After a conversation with a builder friend who suffered from severe lateral epicondylitis (also called tennis elbow or carpenter’s elbow), Dave decided to look for a solution. After 2 years, more than a hundred prototypes, and two custom built testing machines, the Tool Driven Hammer line was born.

David has a long history of solving problems with products. In his 25 years of experience he's worked as an engineer, a computer scientist, and a product manager. Most recently he spent the past 15 years also working in product development.

David has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from St. Olaf College, and graduated magna cum laude when he received his MBA from Webster University.
Scott Schaffer's 20-plus years of professional experience brings organization and competence to Tool Driven in the areas of Operations, Management, and Business Development. He is a trusted mentor, known for building relationships, driving collaboration across functions, and guiding key initiatives with metrics.

Scott has an MBA from Georgia State University and a BS from the University of Kansas. He is also a Board member of FCA.
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Geneviève Steidtmann supports Tool Driven in customer support, accounting, and web design. She has been a partner in the fun adventure of getting Tool Driven started and helping make it a successful enterprise.

Geneviève has over 20 years of corporate experience and runs her consulting firm, G Ink., Incorporated, which is focused on project management, communications, and human resources.

Geneviève has a degree from Northwestern University.
Lauren Steidtmann is the most enthusiastic member of the Tool Driven team. She started working with her dad in his shop at the age of 4 and quickly learned how cool milling machines, lathes, welding equipment, and — of course — hammers are. She serves in the role of Good Will Ambassador for the organization.
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Tool Driven's vendors include many small businesses throughout the United States. We use a local St. Louis metal supplier, and a carbon fiber supplier out of New Hampshire. Much of the metal work is done in our own facility, and additional work is from vendors in Missouri, Minnesota, and North Dakota. All of our vendors and suppliers are owned and operated in the USA.
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